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The SHTENLI products is the result of applying the latest technologies and high quality materials at all stages of production and conformity of the final product quality standards.

All products are thoroughly tested and we provide pre-sale preparation, starting from external examination and ending with the pouring of technical liquids and check all modes of operation.

Our company offers a very broad range of models, which will satisfy any needs, more over, we are constantly extending the range of new products and expanding additional equipment of the ready-made model.

Our products have serious quality awards, and our dealer network includes more than 100 partners and covers more than 40 countries around the world.

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Cement mixer, concrete mixer SHTENLI PRO-210 (1.1 kW)

Drum capacity: 210 L
Volume of ready mix: 180 L
Power: 1.1 kW
Weight: 78 kg

Cement mixer, concrete mixer SHTENLI PRO-240 (1.4 kW)

Drum capacity: 240 L
Volume of ready mix: 220 L
Power: 1.4 kW
Weight: 80 kg

Professional heavy Tiller Shtenli G-192 12 HP / Diesel

Tiller with PTO (CMV)
Engine type: diesel
Power: 12 h.p.
Wheel size: 6.5x12
Weight / Type of tillers: 320 kg / Heavy walking

Tiller Shtenli 1900PL 14 HP (without PTO)

Tiller without PTO (CMV)
Engine: НM192F / 14 h.p.
Wheel size: 6.5x12
Weight / Type of tillers: 185 kg / Heavy tiller


The SHTENLI company - distribution network.

Our company is constantly doing its best to increase products reliability and service quality of clients.


The line of SHTENLI 1900 tillers - award for quality and reliability!

At the past 14th conference of German manufacturers  the SHTENLI company was awarded for "quality and reliability" of all the products and, in particular, the models of SHTENLI 1100 tillers.

The Shtenli company

Shtenli’s ethical, forward-thinking workforce continues to build upon the company’s reputation of safe, high-quality engineering. Consistently ranked…