Electric scooter Shtenli Model 15 Maxi Range


Electric scooter Shtenli Model 15 Maxi Range is a two-seater electric scooter with a high-capacity 48v23A battery. Its range is up to 70 km. This model places an emphasis on range, so the manufacturer installed a proven, economical 400W motor.


Maximum speed (km/h): 35
Maximum range (km): 70
Electric motor power (W): 400
Maximum load (kg): 150
Battery capacity (Ah): 23 (48v23A)
Full charging time (h): 6-7
Wheel diameter (inch): 14 (14-2.5)
Overall dimensions: From rear wheel to front 148 cm, from ground to handlebar 96 cm, handlebar width 65 cm
Motor: Brushless
Drive: Rear
Drive type: Wheel motor
Battery type: SLA (Lead-acid)
Suspension: Shock absorbers Front + Rear
Brake system: Drum
Tire type: Tubeless
Lighting: Front, rear brake light
Headlight type: Lensed
Speed control: Throttle handle
Information panel: Large LED display
Battery charger: Yes
Beep: Yes
Rear view mirrors: Yes
Basket for transporting things: Yes
Pedals: Yes
Speed modes: 3
Weight (kg): 50 kg