Electric scooter Shtenli Model 9 Long Range


Shtenli CityGo Model 9 Long Range Quick Release is a two-seater electric scooter with a high-capacity 13A battery, which makes it possible to travel up to 40 km on a single charge. The main feature of this model is the battery with a removable function, which gives you the additional opportunity to charge the scooter not only in the parking lot, but also at home. The battery itself will weigh 15 kg, and you can quickly remove it from the scooter and charge it in any place convenient for you.


Maximum speed (km/h): 30
Maximum range (km): 40
Electric motor power (W): 400
Maximum load (kg): 150
Battery capacity (Ah): 13 (48v13A)
Full charging time (h): 6-7
Wheel diameter (inch): 14 (14-2.5)
Overall dimensions: From rear wheel to front 139 cm, from ground to handlebar 98 cm, handlebar width 67 cm
Motor: Brushless
Drive: Rear
Drive type: Wheel motor
Battery type: SLA (Lead-acid)
Suspension: Shock absorbers Front + Rear
Brake system: Drum
Tire type: Tubeless
Lighting: Front, rear brake light
Headlight type: Lensed
Speed control: Throttle handle
Information panel: Large LED display
Battery charger: Yes
Beep: Yes
Rear view mirrors: Yes
Basket for transporting things: Yes
Pedals: Yes
Speed modes: 3
Weight (kg): 50 kg