» » » Heavy Tiller SHTENLI 1100 XXL (Exclusive) 13 h.p. / Gasoline with PTO


Heavy Tiller SHTENLI 1100 XXL (Exclusive) 13 h.p. / Gasoline with PTO

Shtenli 1100XXL



Heavy Tiller SHTENLI 1100 XXL Exclusive 13 H.P.


Yet no one Tiller was not as reliable and unpretentious.


The service life of this machine is increased, and reaches 50 years. Is the most popular walking tractors in Netherlands. Powered by Honda, it does not require a careful treatment, because it was designed for daily, exhausting work in greenhouses of state order of Ministry of agriculture of the Netherlands in 2013. In the same year was awarded the title "Best agricultural machine 2013" at the exhibition in Hanover. Tiller, designed for ploughing the soils, harrowing, cultivation, pasvortoj, cultivating root crops, mowing of grass, stationary works with the drive from FIRST and for clearing roads from snow. Used as a vehicle when the building-block approach with a trailer. Brand motor GX390 (Intek OHV Honda) / 13  HP.


  • E-limiting speed eliminates the excess of the permissible frequency.
  • Powerful engine with 5 transmitting channels for fine layer of charge distribution of the combustible mixture.
  • Decompression valve makes and the light starting easier.
  • Low fuel consumption and the volume of the tank, equal 6L, promotes continuous operating range.
  • Excellent balance the weight of the drive and arm (plus the ability to adjust "for themselves").
  • Effective anti-vibration system.
  • Designed optimally convenient flue.
  • The Production : Germany (SHTENLI™ GMBH Germany)
  • Patented system of simplified startup.



The engine: 13 HP.
Refers to a type of heavy Tiller with the PTO.
Engine model: GX390 (Intek OHV Honda) / 13  HP.
Capacity: 367 cm3.
Orientation: horizontal crankshaft.
Working width: 80-110cm.
Working depth: up to 30cm.
Forward Gears: 2, gears: 1.
Wheel Size: 6.5 - 12.
Fuel tank Capacity: 6L.
Coverage: 1.5 l / hour.
Fuel: gasoline (AI-92).
Size: 1800x1350x850mm.
Weight / type of tillers: 168 kg / heavy tiller!


  • The Tiller
  • Rubber wheel protector SD
  • Cultivating cutters (cultivator)
  • Universal coupling
  • A Set of tools for maintenance and Assembly
  • instruction manual in Russian language
  • Warranty

Is used with additional equipment:

  • The Lugs
  • Plow
  • Hiller
  • Katriel-vikapivaet
  • Pumps
  • high-pressure cleaners
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