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Heavy Tiller SHTENLI 1800 18 h.p. / Gasoline without PTO

Shtenli 1600



Power tiller SHTENLI 1800 18 HP.


Be universal!


When it comes to safe tillers and cultivators it is difficult to overestimate the contribution of SHTENLI in the industry. The deserved reward for the quality and reliability of products of the manufacturer inspire trust and respect not only consumers but also competitors.

Tillers 1100 series has long been firmly occupied its niche in the market and continue to gladden the hearts of gardeners from all over the world.

But SHTENLI is not in place. Having absorbed many years experience in this industry, we are ready to present a completely new series of heavy tillers, updated and improved. Please meet SHTENLI 1600 is a new standard of quality and technology!

To develop this series of tillers were spent years of work the best engineers of the company. Completely redesigned base for power units last generation. More than 30 new patents and development, not having analogues in the world. Testing conducted in the most severe Dutch conditions. For the test were selected raw land for future crops, hundreds of hectares rough virgin eyes turned into fertile land.

Heart of this tillers is the four-stroke gasoline engine Intek OHV to 16 horsepower. This engine displacement 420 see cubic has compact structure, low emissions, low vibration levels, standards  CE, EPA, EC and CARB.

the Versatility of this series of garden units just impressionable! Compact design (compared with tractors) absorbed power and reliability of the engine the last generation, designed for operation in any conditions. Cultivator is capable of cultivation, harrowing, inter-row tillage and plowing. Powerful engine is capable of transporting heavy loads on large trailers and availability PTO allows you to use cultivator with mechanical attachments, such as generators, pumps and so on.

Maximum equipment for this series units. Out of the box You will immediately receive a huge wheel, the most powerful engine, cultivating mills, universal coupling, spotlight to work in the evening and, as a bonus, comfortable glove box on the handle. Also included is a special protection to the wheels, which protects farmers from the land and dirt.



  • four-Stroke gasoline engine AMS 190F with 5 transmitting channels;
  • Decompression valve for easy start;
  • Effective anti-vibration system;
  • Designed optimally convenient flue;
  • the Ability to customize arm height;
  • Inverter, for a quick change of direction;
  • Pneumatic wheels with special protector provide a high throughput of the unit;
  • Dry clutch manual does not require sophisticated servicing;
  • Patented system of simplified startup;
  • Universal mount allows you to use different types of ploughs and other mounted equipment;
  • fuel tank capacity more than 6 litres;
  • Include PTO.



Engine Model: Intek OHV AMS190F.
Power: 18 HP (11,8 kW) / 3600 rpm
Capacity: 420 cm3.
Engine type: gasoline, 4-stroke.
Drive: cog.
Transmission: 2 forward, 1 reverse.
Compression: 8.3:1.
Orientation: horizontal crankshaft.
Working width: 80-110cm.
Working depth: up to 30cm.
Forward Gears: 2, gears: 1.
Wheel size: 6.5 - 12.
Fuel tank capacity: 6,5 L.
Coverage: 1.5 l / hour.
Fuel: gasoline (AI-92).
Size: 1900x1400x900mm.
Weight / type of tillers: 178 kg / heavy walking!
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2.
Manufacturer: Germany, China, Japan (Shtenli Germany GMBH).


  • The walking
  • Rubber wheels with the protector SD
  • Cultivating cutters (cultivator)
  • Universal coupling
  • Special headlight
  • the Protective shields on wheels
  • Step for stability during idle time
  • A Set of tools for maintenance and Assembly
  • Instruction manual in Russian language
  • Warranty

Is used with additional equipment:

  • The Lugs
  • Plow
  • Hiller
  • Katriel-vikapivaet
  • Pumps
  • High-pressure cleaners
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