» » » Professional heavy Tiller Shtenli G-192 (wrestler) 12 HP / Diesel


Professional heavy Tiller Shtenli G-192 (wrestler) 12 HP / Diesel

Shtenli G-192



Professional heavy Tiller Shtenli G-192 (wrestler) 12 HP / Diesel


a Large walk-behind for a large operation!


Power Tiller Shtenli G-192 is a professional multifunctional unit, which impresses with its size, weight and power of the diesel engine. You can say that You get a tricycle small tractors. With a weight of 320 kilograms - this technique is capable to perform works of high complexity and diesel engine on 12 horsepower allows to manage this process.

For more comfortable use of the unit with a the walking has the wheel and seat. Also in the kit include active pokvarena and rotary plough. Halogen headlight allows you to use the walking in the evening.

transmission walking Shtenli G-192 8-stage. 6 steps "forward" provide reliable work of the unit at any load and 2 steps back make it easy to turn around and quickly move in the opposite direction. On walking tractors equipped with reliable disk clutchso smooth shifting will appeal to even the most demanding gardeners.

All movable elements are securely closed protective casings for security when working on the site. Bearing structure motoblock Shtenli G-192 provided with corrosion protection that makes it protected against external moisture and dirt. Wheels with a special tread made of wear-resistant rubber.

Motoblock Shtenli G-192 - it is an indispensable unit for farmers owning medium and large land plots. Power and weight of tillers enable you to handle almost any land, and a wide selection of attachments further extend the capabilities of this type of gardening equipment.


Advantages of tillers Shtenli G-192:

  • Electric starter with the ability to manually start;
  • Work with any kind of soil;
  • Liquid cooling of the engine;
  • Reliable disk clutch;
  • Can Motoblock be used as a pump for pumping water;
  • A Wide range of opportunities - from cultivating the soil before mowing grass;
  • Plow and active pokvarena included;
  • Designed to work on the vast land areas.



Manufacturer: SHTENLI.
Country:, Germany.
Warranty: 2.
Weight: 320 kg
Engine type: Diesel.
Power: 12 HP.
Transmission: cog a bevel gearbox.
Strength: disc.
PTO: yes (pulleys).
Number of speeds: 8 (6 forward, 2 ago).
Brake: yes.
Starter: electric starter (manual start).
Fuel tank: 6 HP
Cooling of the engine: liquid.
Depth of soil treatment: 30 cm
Width tillage: 90 see
Wheel: 6.5-12.


  • Walking on large wheels
  • Active pokvarena
  • The Rotary plough
  • Seat with a third wheel
  • Halogen headlight
  • A Set of build tools
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

is Used with additional equipment:

  • The Lugs
  • Plow
  • Hiller
  • Katriel-vikapivaet
  • Pumps
  • High-pressure cleaners
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