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Power Tiller SHTENLI 1100 (Plowman) 9h.p. Diesel engine with Power shaft





  • Electronic speed limit not exceeded the permissible frequency.
  • Powerful engine with 5 passes for accurate future conventional stratified charge fuel mixture.
  • Decompression valve makes an already easy starting even easier.
  • Low fuel consumption and tank capacity equal to 6x, contributes to prolonged service intervals.
  • A perfect balance of weight and the drive lever (plus the ability to control "by itself").
  • Effective anti-vibration system.
  • Thoughtful optimally convenient gas outlet.


4-stroke Diesel engine 9.0 hp.

Belongs to the species tillers with Power shaft.

Engine model: M177FD (Honda).

Displacement: 270 cm3.

Orientation: horizontal knee shaft.

Working width: 90 sm.

Working depth: up to 30 sm.

Gears: forward 2, back 1.

Wheel size: 4.00-10.

Tank capacity: 6 liters.

Flow rate: 1.5 l/h.

Weight: 140 kg.

Kind of run: manual.


Standard complete set:


  • Himself behind tractor
  • Rubber wheels with tread SD
  • Cultivating cutters (cultivator)
  • Universal Hitch
  • The patented system of simplified startup.




Tiller is designed for plowing, harrowing, cultivating, with tillers, inter-row cultivation of root crops, mowing grass, stationary work driven by the PTO, and to clean the snow from the road. Used as a vehicle for mounting onto a trailer. Engine model M177F (Honda). Tiller can be used in farms, on school and home gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens of individual and collective, in green-houses,. Working mill closed a special shield that protects the operator from dust, stones, lumps of soil.

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