Tiller Shtenli 1000 6 HP (without PTO)


The Tiller Shtenli 1000 is a self-propelled machine for preparing and cultivating soil for planting orchard and vegetable garden crops, powered by a 6 h.p. gasoline engine. Holding the cultivator during work and controlling it is carried out by the operator following it with the help of two handles. Soil cultivation is carried out with knives, which, when rotating, cut off layers of soil, crush and mix them. The cultivator is supplied without wheels. There is no PTO shaft.


Refers to a type of heavy Tiller without the PTO
The engine: 6 h.p.
Engine model: GX160
Transmission: gear
Engine type: one cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Working width: 20-56-85 cm
Working depth: 15 cm
Gears: 1/0
Fuel tank Capacity: 1.5 L
Fuel: gasoline
Weight: 46 kg
Country: Germany
Warranty: 2 years