Tiller Shtenli 900 7.5 HP


4-stroke petrol engine 7.5 h.p.
Seating capacity: M168F Intek OHV
Displacement: 211 cm3
Cooling system: air
Clutch: dry with manual control
Transmission type: chain
Clutch type: strap
Cultivation width: 800-1200 mm
Cultivation depth: 150-300 mm
Number of forward speeds: 2
Number of speeds back: 1
Wheels: pneumatic
Wheel size: 4.00-10
Cutter Diameter: 356 mm
Rotational speed cutters: 399 r/min
Fuel tank capacity: 6 liters
Flow rate: 0.9 l/h
Type: petrol engine
Fuel: petrol AI-92
Dimensions: 1390x800x1070 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Curb weight: 105 kg
Type of start: manual

Standard complete set: