Professional heavy Tiller Shtenli G-180 8 HP / Diesel


a Large walk-behind for a large operation!

Power Tiller Shtenli G-180 - is a representative of heavy class tillers with diesel engine, equipped with a water cooling system. This farmer with a capacity of 8 horsepower is intended for processing of vast territories, and its weight will save You from additional efforts.

Transfer of torque from the engine by using a gearbox with bevel gear cog that are much more durable chain and V-belt transmission. The reducer motoblock Shtenli G-180 is secured tight enclosure against ingress of land and small pebbles. Levers and buttons (starter, brake, gas, transmission) in the convenient order are located on the handles of the unit.

Thanks capacious fuel tank working cycle are designed for a longer period, so the machine doesn't require frequent refueling. Tiller equipped with halogen spotlight for comfortable work in the evening. It is possible to connect water pump. Thus, using the multifunction additional equipment, You are able to plow, Spud, producing furrowing and markup, harrowing, to sweep the fallen leaves, mow the weed, to remove snow from the tracks and spending a lot of all kinds of works at the site. Powerful, aggressive tread motoblock Shtenli G-180 boosts traffic and prevents slipping big wheels.

Advantages of tillers Shtenli G-180:


Manufacturer: SHTENLI
Country: Germany
Warranty: 2
Weight: 250 kg
Engine type: diesel
Power: 8 h.p. (5.15 kW)
Engine capacity: 573 cm3
Transmission: cog a bevel gearbox
Strength: belt
PTO: yes (pulleys)
Number of speeds: 8 (6 forward, 2 ago)
Brake: yes
Starter: electric starter (manual start)
Fuel tank: 6 L
Cooling of the engine: liquid
Depth of soil treatment: 30 cm
Width tillage: 90 cm
Wheel: 6.5-12


Is used with additional equipment: