Minitractor Shtenli T-120 (farmer) 15 HP


Designed to be the best!

Now small tractors in the country site is not a luxury. Due to its location, serious land where motoblock does not cover the full range of tasks and the tractor is not relevant for financial reasons, the farmer involuntarily thinks about something more universal. Minitractor SHTENLI T-120 combined technology and the power of garden tractors, as well as universality and accessibility compact power tillers, while remaining at cheaper than any of the tractor.

Shtenli developed the unique concept of tractors and best technical base for them! The license for development of this kind of equipment today are very popular, it can be observed that there are so many analogues of agricultural machinery on the basis of this technical.

Small tractors with a diesel engine AMS G-195DE 15 HP and a 940 sm3 engine capacity runs as using electric starter and manual. Decompression valve allows you to run the engine in cold weather. Liquid cooling makes the machine even more reliable. The transfer of torque from the engine by using cog bevel gearbox, this type of gear is the safest in its class and can withstand all loads. Disk clutch provides a smooth ride tractor.

Garden tractor Shtenli T-120 has at its disposal 8-speed manual transmission. 6 steps forward to develop the maximum speed of up to 45 CMC, as there are 2 steps back. Management tractor implemented as in the car, there are three pedals (clutch, brake and gas) and crank gear. Double-stage oil-air filter protects the engine. Built-in generator provides the charge starter battery.

The Manipulation of the mounted equipment comes with a hydraulic drive, which controls the driver. This design allows the operator not to be distracted while working. The presence of lights with two modes: the near and distant light. The first mode allows to plough the land, the second to make the movement and transportation of goods in the dark. Moreover, there will be guards on all mechanical equipment.

Features compact tractors SHTENLI T-120:


Engine Model: AMS G-195DE
Power: 15 HP (11,03 kW) / 4000 rpm
Capacity: 940 cm3
Type engine: diesel 4-stroke
Start engine: electro + hand
PTO: yes
Drive: cog-with bevel gear
Transmission: 6 forward, 2 ago
Strength: disc.
Front wheel Size: 4-8
Rear wheel Size: 6
Fuel tank Capacity: 6.5 L
Coverage: 1.5 l/hour
Fuel: diesel
Weight: 500 kg
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2
Manufacturer: Germany, China, Japan (Shtenli Germany GMBH)


Is used with additional equipment: