Minitractor Shtenli T-150 (farmer-lux) 15 HP



Heavy minitractors Shtenli T-150 is indispensable Assembly modern gardener, which possesses a large plot of land. A huge range of implemented tasks, compactness and versatility garden tractors attract more attention of farmers from all over the world, and affordability once again reminds the purchase of this type of agricultural equipment.

Improved ground clearance, larger diameter wheels, more traction engine, increased weight and sophisticated design is a list of improvements worthy descendant of tractors Shtenli. Developed on the basis of compact tractors Shtenli 120 series, model T-150 has a number of advantages.

Garden tractor Shtenli T-150 boasts more massive wheels - front wheel now have a size 4 - 12", and the rear of 6.5 - 16", which, in turn, has led to increased ground clearance, and, as consequence, increase of the General terrain of the unit. The engine has undergone technical changes. At the same power, he became more spirited and confident at low speed, and the amount was increased to 980 scooter Appeared more massive front beam for mounting attachments and further strengthen the body tractor, which total weight of the unit reached 540 kg

From familiar things that have migrated from the previous model is 8 manual transmission (6 forward and 2 back), which covers a wide range of tasks, from processing of the land plot to transport goods over long distances, multifunctional spotlight, hydraulic drive, a new disk clutch, reliable cog a bevel gearbox liquid cooling engine and decompression valve.

Manufacturer there are two kinds of engine start - manual and using the starter. Charging the battery is due to the built-in generator.

Tractors SHTENLI are very popular in more than 40 countries, and the license for development of this kind of equipment were sold worldwide. That is why in the market one can observe a great number of analogues on the basis of this technical.

Features compact tractors SHTENLI T-150:

Technical data:

Engine Model: AMS G-195DEXL
Power: 15 PS (11,03 kW) / 3600 rpm
Engine: 980 cm3
Engine type: diesel 4-stroke
Start engine: electro + hand
PTO: has
Drive: cog with conical the transfer
Transmission: 6 forward, 2 ago
Strength: disc.
Front wheel Size: 4-12
Rear wheel Size: 6.5-16
Fuel tank Capacity: 6.5 L
Coverage: 1.5 l/hour
Fuel: diesel
Weight: 540 kg
Manufacturer's Warranty: 2
Manufacturer: Germany, China, Japan (Shtenli Germany GMBH)


Is used with additional equipment: