» » » Trimmer Shtenli MS 2500, Power 2,5 kW.


Trimmer Shtenli MS 2500, Power 2,5 kW.

Shtenli MS 2500



Shtenli MS 2500 trimmer (brush cutter) capacity 2,5 kW.


Shtenli MS Gasoline Trimmer is equipped with a powerful, light, engine, with low noise, ideal for residential areas. Well-balanced, powerful trimmer, made in Germany, it is a sample of a reliable, long-lasting, German equipment, which is confirmed by certificates won Shtenli MS at international exhibitions.

  • Gearbox with reduced noise
  • Patented easy start
  • Semi-automatic submission of a scaffold
  • Bike handle
  • Backpack shoulder strap
  • All controls integrated in one arm

IMPORTANT! Beware of imitations! The original German spits inscription Shtenli ENGRAVED.

Engine Shtenli MS:

1. Shtenli MS has an engine with increased engine resource and a carburetor Shtalbro .
2. The device is easy start reduces the force required when starting the engine, and eliminates the effect of «kick back».
3. Tested LGA - FFU (oces health and Environmental services of the Federal Republic of Germany).




Power: 2,5 kW
Fuel tank capacity: 1,3 L
The mixture of oil and fuel: 1:25.
Width cutting line: 430 mm
The width of the cutting knife: 230 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Double line.
Feed fishing line button.
Production: Shtenli GmBH Germany.
Warranty: 1 year in the authorized service center.

Standard complete set:

  • trimmer;
  • head with a scaffold (seasoned);
  • strap shoulder for convenience;
  • a collection of keys.
  • knife have three-blade metal;
  • instruction manual;
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