Trimmer Shtenli MS 1100 Power 1.1 kW


Shtenli MS Gasoline Trimmer is equipped with a powerful, light, engine, with low noise, ideal for residential areas. Well-balanced, powerful trimmer, made in Germany, it is a sample of a reliable, long-lasting, German equipment, which is confirmed by certificates won Shtenli MS at international exhibitions.

IMPORTANT! Beware of imitations! The original German spits inscription Shtenli ENGRAVED.

Engine Shtenli MS:


Power: 1.1 kW
Fuel tank capacity: 1 L
The mixture of oil and fuel: 1:25
Width cutting line: 430 mm
The width of the cutting knife: 230 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Double line.
Feed fishing line button.
Production: Shtenli GmBH Germany.
Warranty: 1 year in the authorized service center.

Standard complete set: